Local Knowledge

Outside the fact that we are locals with local knowledge and local connections, BREAKFORM | RE has devised an approach to source opportunities that is street smart, yet at the same time institutionally savvy and technologically forward-thinking.


Smart Technology

We use a geo-mapping application that overlays the age of homes against the permit application details and the age of buildings ownership.  This is then superimposed on asset owners and searched against liquidity events. This is an amazingly accurate tactic that gives us the ability to identify which properties are most likely to be in a position to transact.


We're Different

In addition, by offering realtors and brokers the assurance of closing, we get to see transactions that are as yet unlisted directly from the local brokerage community.  We also have a network of accountants, lawyers, trustees, doctors and others whom we call on to find “whispers” that give us leads to highly opportunistic off market transactions.

All combined, our access to deal flow is one of most compelling attributes.


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