11 Real Estate Pros Share The Technology Shifts That Have Changed The Way They Work

Source: Forbes

Technological developments in the last 10 to 20 years have impacted the business world in many ways, significantly altering the way nearly every...

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It’s better to rent than to buy in today’s housing market

Source: CNBC

It is easily the question most asked by anyone moving into their first home or downsizing into retirement. Should I buy or should I rent?

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Summer Slowdown In Beverly Hills Real Estate

Source: Forbes

Looks like there was a summer slowdown in Beverly Hills and neighboring real estate, both in pricing and sales volume. When you study the Beverly Hill

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LA home prices drop for the first time since January

Source: LA Curbed

Have housing costs reached their limit?

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LA’s most expensive neighborhoods

Source: LA Curbed

Here’s where you’ll find the highest—and lowest—priced homes

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Are Los Angeles home prices finally about to dip?

Source: LA Curbed

Record-high housing costs may be leveling off

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13 Evergreen Real Estate Tips That Hold True In Any Market

Source: Forbes

Anyone who's ever purchased or sold property knows the real estate industry is a fickle one. Changing demographic makeups, economic conditions, intere

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Source: Airows

Building a house in Southern California's iconic Venice Beach requires a design so beautiful the neighbors will welcome you with open arms and a space

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Selling A Billion Dollars Of Luxury Los Angeles Real Estate

Source: Forbes

Selling a billion dollars of luxury Los Angeles real estate is quite the accomplishment. Meet James Harris and business partner David Parnes, the Brit

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Los Angeles County median home price soars to new record high: $615K

Source: LA Curbed

“A lot of potential buyers are having a hard time”

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Buying A Home? Don’t Overlook These Nine Local Market Factors

Source: Forbes

Despite the increasing number of millennials choosing to rent rather than buy property, home ownership is still a goal for many Americans.

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13 Insider Tips To Take Your Real Estate Game To Another Level

Source: Forbes

Real estate development and investing isn’t just about looking for a good deal from one day to the next.

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Los Angeles’ Median Home Price Nears $1 Million As Fierce Bidding Wars Continue

Source: Forbes

As Los Angeles’ median home price nears $1 million, bidding wars continue for shrinking inventory.

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The Los Angeles home-buying guide

Source: LA Curbed

Everything you need to know before launching a house hunt in LA

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BREAKFORM | RE Closes a Small Lot Subdivision Project in Prime Beverlywood CA in Los Angeles

Source: NBC29

BREAKFORM | RE closed it's latest small lot subdivision development project in the prime Beverlywood neighborhood of Los Angeles today

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Report: LA home prices are ‘overvalued’

Source: LA Curbed

The cost of owning a home is outpacing the ability of buyers to pay for one

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Three Big Myths About LA’s Real Estate Bubble

Source: Forbes

As real estate investors, prospective homebuyers and brokers look back, 2017 could probably be called "The Year of Real Estate Records." Dozens of maj

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Trends Watch: January 18, 2018

Source: Eisner Amper

EisnerAmper’s Trends Watch is a weekly entry to our Alternative Investments Intelligence blog

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Los Angeles’ Housing Shortage And Why Developers Get It Wrong

Source: Forbes

We have all heard of the massive housing crisis that’s facing the City of Los Angeles. Last year, one of the most active development years in a decade

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10 Signs An Up-And-Coming Area Is Worth Investing In

Source: Forbes

Real estate investors have heard tons of pitches over the years from people looking for buy-in on up-and-coming areas they're attached to.

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If You Are A First-Time Home Buyer, Look For These Traits In A Real Estate Agent

Source: Forbes

Buying a home for the first time is a remarkably scary, involved process.

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Six Resources You Can Use To Uncover The State Of Your Housing Market

Source: Forbes

The more information you have before deciding to buy or sell a home, the better your decisions will be.

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Snapchat Is Angering Its Neighbors in L.A.

Source: Bloomberg

A disappearing bee colony becomes a symbol for the IPO-fueled growth locals fear will swamp the quirky Los Angeles neighborhood the startup calls home

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Home Ownership: Millennials Could Jump Into The Housing Market In 2016


When it comes to homeownership, roommates Gina Beach, 28, and Bill Galatzer, 31, are polar opposites.

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10 US Cities With the Biggest Housing Shortages

Source: 24/7 Wall St

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports December existing home sales Tuesday morning and the consensus estimate calls for a seasonally...

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Understanding the Scope of the Housing Shortage in the United States

Source: Urban Land

Newly released data and analysis from several sources illustrate a major obstacle to a fully healthy housing market in the United States:

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Sold Out: These 10 U.S. Cities Have the Biggest Housing Shortages


It’s a parched, scorching desert out there for many U.S. home buyers. For the past 28 months, the housing market has been defined not just by demand

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Op-Ed In gentrifying Venice, Trumpian rage


My mailman told me recently that he’s retiring soon and plans to move up to Mt. Shasta.

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The L.A. Hood Where Snapchat Millionaires Will Snap Up Houses Post-IPO


With Venice-based Snap eyeing an IPO at a reported valuation of $25 billion in the coming months, the stage is set.

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Four More Years? No Quick End In Sight For The U.S. Housing Shortage

Source: Forbes

The inventory of homes for sale continues to shrink. There were 2.02 million homes listed for sale at the end of October

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Blackstone’s Gray: Trump win is a game changer for real estate


The Blackstone Group’s real estate head Jonathan Gray thinks Donald Trump’s victory in last week’s election is a game changer.

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Los Angeles booms as a startup hub


HOLLYWOOD has produced plenty of films about underdogs rising to claim the limelight.

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First-Time Buyers Expected to Return to Housing Market

10.18.16 data shows rise in web searches by house hunters who want to buy in 2017

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Silicon Beach keeps on scaling upward and outward


In less than a decade, Silicon Beach has grown from a Silicon Valley outpost in Santa Monica to encompass a stretch of coastline as far south as...

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California’s housing shortage will hamper the economy, reports say


The dearth of housing in California will put a drag on the state’s economic growth, according to two new studies.

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As Venice booms, some residents wonder whether L.A. is holding them back


There are few places so ingrained in the identity of Los Angeles as Venice — the quirky artistic vibe, the bustling boardwalk and the designer real...

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Millennials will join housing market when they grow up


Millennials aren’t buying homes because they feel housing is too expensive and their financial futures are too uncertain.

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L.A. Nearly Tops List of Cities That Need to Build More Housing

Source: LA Weekly

The number of housing units in town simply isn't keeping up with the number of residents.

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Santa Monica’s Housing Shortage is Nearly as Bad as San Francisco’s


If you’ve tried to move to — or within — Santa Monica recently, it should come as no surprise to you that it’s not easy.

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Op-Ed Why is L.A. too pricey? Blame low vacancy rates, not luxury high-rises


What’s the root cause of Los Angeles’ affordable housing crisis?

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Low Housing Inventory: A Logical Explanation


The real estate market has faced a unique set of circumstances from 2012 to today, all leading to a dramatic decrease in overall housing inventory.

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California doesn’t have enough housing, and lawmakers aren’t doing much about it


The reason why California faces a housing affordability crisis is simple, many experts say.

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A Troubling Shortage of Homes

Source: Realtor Mag

Inflation may be in check, but the lack of inventory around the country is fueling a sharp rise in housing costs.

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The next housing crisis is here


The next housing crisis is here. And this time the crisis is all about one thing: supply.

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When will housing inventory shortages finally end?

Source: Housing Wire

Four years in active recovery, and the housing market can’t seem to get past the inventory shortage that penetrates into all crevasses of the industry

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Two long-term demographic trends have wide-ranging implications for housing demand: the overall aging of the US population

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Silicon Beach: Tech Entrepreneurs Flock Downstream To LA

Source: NPR

Los Angeles is drawing tech entrepreneurs who are attracted to the beaches, the somewhat lower housing costs...

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For tech companies, the appeal of Silicon Beach is growing

Source: KPCC

If you want to start the next Facebook or Uber, where are you going to do it?

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Los Angeles Is The Latest City With A Housing Crisis

Source: Forbes

When commentators discuss the U.S. cities with the least-affordable housing, they rarely mention Los Angeles.

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Venice sign lit green for St. Patrick’s Day

Source: Yo Venice!

The Venice Chamber of Commerce and the Venice Symphony Orchestra celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday with the first-ever lighting of the “O’Venice

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If you missed the St. Patrick’s day first-ever lighting of the “O’Venice” Sign, view it here!


The Venice Chamber of Commerce and the Venice Symphony Orchestra celebrated St Patrick’s Day with the first-ever lighting of the “O’Venice” Sign on Ma

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How Much Does Los Angeles Have to Build to Get Out of Its Housing Crisis?


California is a beautiful and desirable place to live, but it's also one of the hardest places to afford to live. Los Angeles is particularly brutal:

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Millennials join the house hunt

Source: USA Today

A low credit score thwarted Marie Kapelke and her husband Mike Biethan's plans to try to buy a house early last year.

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If you missed the 03.17.15 St. Patrick’s day first-ever lighting of the “O’Venice” Sign, view it here!


The Venice Chamber of Commerce and the Venice Symphony Orchestra celebrated St Patrick’s Day with the first-ever lighting of the “O’Venice” Sign on Ma

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‘Silicon Beach’ Brings Tech Boom to Los Angeles

Source: INC

So long Silicon Valley. These days entrepreneurs and engineers are flocking to a place better known for wave surfing than Web surfing.

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Why We Have An Inventory Shortage, NOT A Housing Shortage


To understand why vacancies are still widespread and what impact they have, we dug deeper into the Census data as well as other data sources that repo

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The Coming Housing Crisis (Yes, Another Crisis)


Just when we are beginning to see the signs of a housing recovery and the housing market, critical to our economy, seems ready to return to normal

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